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Document Reverse Engineering Series

Well, after almost a year of neglecting my blog, I figured I had better start creating some content. So, needless to say...


For the next several weeks (likely months, let's be honest), I'm going to be developing content surrounding document analysis - Office Docs, RTFs, you name it. These articles will be developed in a step-by-step tutorial style, almost course format. The series will cover topics from an introduction to common tools and lab setups to step-by-step reversing of various documents in order of difficulty. (Somewhat subjective, but I'll do my best!)

This will be my first attempt at a series like this, so any feedback would be much appreciated!


Muzi is an Incident Responder at a large consulting firm. His current interests are network security, keyboards, tequila, and Korean culture. These interests are bound to change in the next hour.

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Document Reverse Engineering Series
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